Product Update (February '22)

24 Feb '22 • 2 min read

Things are motoring at Onfolk towers. What follows is a version of the February product update that we sent out to our customers. Enjoy.

Hi everyone, hope things are growing well 🌱

January has been a whirlwind! Here’s this month’s chocolate box of features…

📈 Survey responses

Last month we asked you to rate some features, here’s the results. Thanks so much for the responses! It really helps us build the best possible product for you.

  1. Instant payments - 8.9 ⭐
  2. Tasks - 7.3
  3. Right to work automation - 5.9
  4. Login creation / deletion - 5.6
  5. Asset tracker - 5.5
  6. Personal email - 5.3
  7. Custom fields - 4.5

It’s clear that Instant Payments and Tasks are wanted. We’re working hard to get them ready for you asap 🛠️

💌 Personal email addresses

Despite not having the highest ranking, some people really wanted this. And it was such a quick win that we shipped it almost immediately.

Payslips now go out to personal addresses, while logins are with work emails. Either can be updated by employee or admin.

🎒 Effective salary updates

Previously, employees had one salary in Onfolk. If you wanted to update it, you had to update it from the first day of your pay period.

Now, you can update salaries from whatever day you like and see a log of historical salaries for each employee, including the date they changed. Hurrah!

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✅ Tasks in beta

We’re testing Tasks with a couple of customers and iterating based on the feedback. Let us know if you’d like to be added to the test group.

We’ll plan to roll this out to more of you in March.

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👵 Smart Pension integration

Now live! Smart Pension-eers rejoice, your pensions are now fully automated. Enrolments, contributions, the whole shebang.

✨ Other bits of polish

  • emergency contacts can have non-UK postcodes
  • automation of more of our internal processes around receiving tax code updates from HMRC
  • for hourly workers who accrue holiday, we now show the amount of hours their time-off is being estimated for in the app
  • the time-off panel no longer refreshes after approving a request (so you can approve many requests in a row without being redirected)
  • automated tax code derivation when onboarding directors (so you don’t have to put them in yourself)
  • shipped our sign up flow, so new customers can onboard fast ⚡

🔮 Next up

  1. Getting instant payments ready. Currently testing with partners. Updates to follow.

  2. Slack integration for time-off - notifying approvers when requests come in & notifying requesters when requests are approved/rejected. Shipping March.

  3. Working on getting our Xero Certification

  4. Tasks: open up to more customers after incorporating testing feedback

Anything missing that you’d love us to prioritise? Let us know! Email hello@onfolk.com or hop into the Onfolk Slack community.

Later 👋

Naz Malik

Co-Founder | Onfolk

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Written by Naz

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